How To Choose The Right Necklace Length?

Before purchasing a necklace, you can determine the correct length by measuring your neck. Use a tape measure to measure your neck and add 5 or 10 cm to this measurement. This way, you will have determined the correct necklace length.

The structure of the neck can vary from person to person. Therefore, taking measurements to choose a necklace can be the most accurate way to acquire a personalized necklace. If your neck has a slender structure, you can opt for short chain necklace models. If you have a short or wide neck structure, long chain necklaces may be suitable for you. Especially if you have a wide neck structure, adding 10 cm to the neck measurement can help adjust the necklace length ideally.

It is important to emphasize what you want for the correct necklace length. To highlight the collarbone, you can prefer a long and slender necklace. If your neck structure is not as desired or if there are wrinkles, shorter necklaces that cover the neck can be used.

The emphasis is created where the necklace falls, so you can extend your necklace until the point you want to highlight. If you have a petite structure, you can prefer necklace models with longer chains.

How To Measure Necklace Length?

To measure the length of a necklace, the first step is to measure your neck with a tape measure or a flexible ruler. If using a tape measure, gently wrap it around your neck to get an accurate measurement. Then, depending on where you want to wear the necklace, add 5 to 10 cm to the measured circumference of your neck to personalize the drop location and appearance of the necklace. Especially if you have a petite build, you may prefer necklace models with longer chains to accentuate the desired drop point of the necklace.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Necklace Length

Before selecting a necklace, you can pay attention to its length. To do this, you can use the shape of your neck, body structure, neck size, and the shape of your face as a guide. In addition, the details of the clothing you will pair with the necklace can also be important. If we need to list the factors:

You can take into account the length of your neck

If you are short, meaning you have a petite build, you can use necklace lengths in the range of 40-60 cm. If you are of average or tall height, you can try longer necklaces.

The neck structure can alter the posture of the necklace 

If you have a slender or delicate neck structure, you can prefer necklace models that are close to the neck, such as chokers. For a short or wide neck structure, longer necklaces can be preferred.

You can make preferences according to your body structure

The choice of necklace length is one of the factors to consider based on your body structure. If you have a small chest, you can pair it with long chains. If you have a larger chest, you may prefer short or choker-style necklaces.

You can try different necklace lengths

Your clothing is important in necklace selection. Short necklaces can be worn with outfits that have a neckline, while long chains may be preferred with plain clothing.

How Choosing The Right Necklace Length Can Transform Your Look

Clothes, accessories, and details such as makeup can positively or negatively impact our appearance. Therefore, making the right choices can be important. Choosing the right necklace length can positively enhance your appearance. You can follow the steps for selecting the necklace length.